under vatten

Weda är specialiserade på rengöring under vatten med automatiska och halvautomatiska robotar. Vi har en lång erfarenhet inom utveckling av produkter för undervattensanvändning. Vårt mål är att hitta lösningar för alla tillämpningar av rengöring under vatten.

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U-DEC Underwater DeContamination unit

In these days the importance of saving water is steadily incThe U-DEC is designed to remove radioactive aerosols from the walls and the bottom of the reactor tank.

This cleaner is developed in coope54ration witth Westinghouse Electric in Sweden.

It is easily controlled by a remote control.

High maneuverability of the U-DEC system allows for easy access to cleaning surfaces. A reactor pool can be decontaminated in approximately one day. The U-DEC system may be operated in a recirculation mode or a once-through (flush) mode, depending on plant systems and cleaning requirements.

Cleaning prior to draining of the tank allows the staff to start work in the reactor tank without having to wait for ventilation of the reactor room.

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