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Celebrating 100 years in business! An industrial enterprise since 1919.

Weda specializes in underwater cleaning solutions with automatic and semi automatic robots. We have a long experience in developing products for underwater use. Our goal is to offer customers the best solutions based on cost, efficiency, reliability and environmental aspects for whatever the cleaning project may be.

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Design, build and sell pool cleaners for commercial pool facilities with high standards of quality and reliability.


Professional pool cleaning



Design, develop and sell underwater cleaning equipment for tanks and reservoirs in industry and tanks and reservoirs for waterworks and sewage plants.

WEDA Industry

Cleaning robots for industries



Weda Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaner W2000

For larger pools - with programming functions for three pools

Weda Pool Cleaner
Pool cleaner W50

For smaller pools and narrow canals

Weda Pool Cleaner
Pool cleaner B600

For basically all types of applications

Weda Pool Cleaner
Industry cleaner YT-5000

Our largest cleaner for very large reservoirs

Weda Pool Cleaner
Industribottensug YT-3000

For the very large reservoirs, artificial lakes and fountains.

Weda Pool Cleaner
Industry cleaner YT-800

For sediment removal in large outdoor reservoirs, ex intake

Weda Pool Cleaner
Industry cleaner YT-600

For sediment removal when larger particles, ex. Cooling Tower tanks

Weda Pool Cleaner
Industry cleaner VR-600

For larger industrial reservoars drinking water etc

Weda Pool Cleaner
Industry cleaner VR-50

For smaller industrial reservoar for drinking water, fish farms, etc.

Weda Pool Cleaner
Special cleaner U-DEC

Specially designed for cleaning of the bottom and the walls in reactor tanks in Nuclear Power Plants.

Weda Pool Cleaner
Underwater cleaning with a hose discharge

Available for all Weda Pool cleaners and industry cleaners

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