Nuclear power

Weda has supplied underwater cleaners to nuclear plants for more than 40 years. Weda has also been collaborating with Westinghouse since 2008, one of the leading suppliers of equipment for the nuclear industry.

Westinghouse is handling the sales to the nuclear industry and you can contact them or us if you want to get more information. In collaboration with Westinghouse Electric AB Weda has developed the robot U-DEC (Underwater Decontamination Unit) for cleaning the walls and the bottom of the reactor basin before removing the water above the reactor.

U-DEC is used to clean the surfaces before emptying the reactor tank. Cleaning in this case means removal of radioactive aerosols. This eliminates the down time for ventilation of the reactor room which leads to savings of up to 24 hours allowing the work to start immediately

N 600 is another specially designed robot that has been used for more than 40 years in the nuclear industry. This cleaner is mainly used for sediment removal in the so called holding tanks.

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