Water reservoirs

Weda has been developing and marketing robots for underwater cleaning since the 1970s. The robots are based on strong and efficient pumps in combination with brush systems that release the sediment from the bottom and walls.

Weda AB stands for environmental friendliness and sustainability. We are at the forefront of our underwater cleaning solutions and our robots are world class. There are many different types of water reservoirs that need regular cleaning, preferrably without adding environmentally hazardous chemicals without draining and without human entry. Weda´s robots offer the solution since our environmentally friendly robots add no chemicals into the reservoirs and completely eliminates the need to waste water by draining the reservoir. Weda robots are offered in a variety of designs and shapes based on the customers´ demands for their different applications. From smaller units for entry through tight manholes to cleaners with up to five-meter-wide suction heads.

Our products


Weda VR-50 for the smaller reservoirs


This is the VR-600 model