Our priority is to offer sustainable solutions for the environment and marine life. Our products for the aquaculture industry are developed in cooperation with the main players on the market.

A non-invasive cleaning solution (sediment removal) that does not affect the health or environment of the fish is a key priority for sustainable fish farming. Weda´s robots offer this solution without having to empty their tanks and without staff having to stay in the fish's habitat.

The Mainstay-Weda cleaner cleaning the glass (acrylic) surface in an Aquarium. Also shows that the fish are not disturbed by the cleaner.

In collaboration with Norwegian Mainstay A / S, Weda has developed a range of robots for cleaning land-based fish farms and floating closed facilities for fish production. Mainstay is a world-leading company in the fishing industry and already offers a complete range of cleaning robots for net cultivations at sea.

W50 is a compact bottom suction with high performance and completely self-propelled. It has a pump capacity of 600 liters / minute and an easy-to-handle filter system. It is available in different versions and can be connected to an outlet hose instead of the included filter bag to make pumping out sediment and other small particles more efficient. The B600 is one of the market's most powerful and efficient bottom suction systems that effectively cleans large pools. It cleans both horizontal and vertical surfaces without problems with its strong bottom suction and powerful pump. The VR-50 also has the same pumping capacity as the W50, but with a chassis in a smaller format that works excellently in smaller and hard-to-reach reservoirs.

Mainstay is a Norwegian fishing company that has existed since 2008 and offers similar services as WEDA AB, although they clean the water surface, fishing nets and to some extent the bottom of tanks, but not to the same extent as WEDA. A collaboration between us has opened up the opportunity for us at WEDA to take a step into the fish farming industry.

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