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Celebrating 100 years in business! An industrial enterprise since 1919.

Weda specializes in underwater cleaning solutions with automatic and semi automatic robots. We have a long experience in developing products for underwater use. Our goal is to offer customers the best solutions based on cost, efficiency, reliability and environmental aspects for whatever the cleaning project may be.

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Weda at Aquatherm in Kiev

May 14-17, 2019

Weda exhibits the complete range of underwater robotic cleaners at the Aquatherm exhibition for the first time. Weda will be presented in two different sectors of the exhibition:

* In the Pool area with the Weda distributor Stobass the Weda W50 and W2000 pool cleaners will be exhibited and demonstrated

*In the Water Supply area with the Weda distributor Tital Company the Industrial cleaners for all sorts of industrial tanks and reservoirs will be presented.

The Ukrainian market both for pool- and industrial cleaners has grown considerably for Weda through our representatives over the past year(s).

With reliable Swedish products and two highly qualified local representatives for sales and service we believe in a continued good growth on the Ukranian market.

AquaTherm Kyiv 2019
14-17 May, 2019

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