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Weda S-600 Cleans Bottom Surface in Oil Refinery Cooling Tower Tank




June 5th, 2013

Zeta Crezen, the Weda distributor in SouthKorea. in cooperation with Veolia SouthKorea recently demonstrated the cleaning of       

a cooling water tanks in a local oil refinery.

The Weda underwater cleaner model S-600 succesfully cleaned the bottom surface without having to drain the tank.

Regular cleaning has proven to allow a lower content of chemicals needed in many applications. It also allows for cleaning

without having personell inside the tanks.

The S-600 is an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) with an on-board submersible pump with an output of 1200 liters/minute.

A discharge hose connection and a 3″ hose allows the operator to pump to any suitable discharge point outside the tank.

The cleaner is equipped with rotating brushes in the front that looses up the sedimentats and pushes it towards

the suction point in the under the cleaner.