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W1000 GYRO Pool Cleaner

High precision for large pools

The latest addition to the Weda range of cleaners – the WEDA W1000 Gyro- fills the gap for the very large pools that require precision cleaners independent of their shape and bottom structure. The W1000 Gyro incorporates the latest state-of-the-art technologies for autonomous vehicles above ground, under water and even for airborne vehicles.

A cleaner with a “brain” incorporating the highest technology and yet a cleaner that remains robust and reliable. The W1000 Gyro is developed by Wedas experienced development group in cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and product developers with experience from, amongst other products, autonomous vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers and smart kitchen appliances in other Swedish products.

The basic fundamentals in this cleaner is that it has a new path for cleaning. It cleans in parallel paths and allows therefore for faster cleaning due to less overlapping than with most other cleaners on the market. Another function is its ability to work itself back to the original direction if it for any reason is
thrown out of its straight path.

The cleaner may be equipped with sensors for deep ends and a “beach control” which makes the cleaner turn back if it travels out of water.
The base of this cleaner is of course made up by the pump and drive motor technology that today is used in thousand of Weda cleaners around the world.

Standard equipment

  • Cleaner with up to 10 sensors
  • Trolley with built-in safety transformer
  • Filterbag 120 micron
  • Double rotating brushes
  • Power supply cable, 10 meters
  • Radio remote control
  • Umbilical (floating cable), 40 meters

Optional Equipment and Accessories

  • Filter bags 70 or 200 micron
  • Additional sensors
  • Discharge hose connection 2”
  • Discharge hose 2 ” 50 meters
  • Fixed spring loaded brush (algae brush)
  • Free stream impeller
  • Umbilical (floating cable) 41 to 60 meters

Technical Data

Weight in air: approx. 49 kg
Weight in water: approx. 5 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 86 x 60 x 70 cm
Suction width: 60 cm
Suction capacity: 1200 liters/minute
Speed in automatic mode: 0,2 meters/second
Mains voltage 3-phase, 50/60Hz: 205/230/400 V
Operating voltage: 42 V
Max. power output: 2,5kW


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