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Clean pools in Zoos – good for the animals…and for the visitors




November 15th, 2018

This Picture shows a Weda YT-600 robot working in a Zoo in Europe.
The Zoo earlier had problems with bottom sedimentas like fish heads , manure and other remains from the surroundings of the reservoirs.
This resulted in a bad smell, very dirty water and algae in a short time in the reservoirs. It demanded earlier a lot of work from the personnel to keep the reservoirs in an acceptable shape.
Today in the Zoo the YT – 600 is cleaning the reservoirs for Penguins, Seals, Sea Lions and even Polar Bears.
The picture shows one reservoir after the cleaning with the YT-600. Now both the animals and the staff have a clearly improved environment.
The YT – 600 is a radio remote controlled cleaning unit with camera to maneuver and follow the situation in the reservoir during the cleaning.
The maximum particle size the machine can handle is 40 mm and cover mostly what you can expect in this environment