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Weda at the Forum Piscine in Bologna and Träffpunkt Idrott in Gothenburg




February 20th, 2018

Please visit our exhibits at the upcoming exhibitions:

  • Feb 21-23 FORUM PISCINE in Bologna, Italy. All Weda cleaners presented by our representative Acquabenessere Srl
  • March 5-7 Träffpunkt Idrott in Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Hope to see you there
  • The Weda Team
  • Our new cleaner for smaller tanks and reservoirs.The Weda VR-50




    December 19th, 2017

    The new Weda VR-50 is a smaller version of our VR-600. It is specifically designed for smaller reservoirs and reservoirs where access is limited due to smaller man holes and limited space to move around on inside the reservoir. The VR-50 is remote controlled and equipped with a fixed mounted camera and lamp. The pumping is achieved by a 1.3 kW submersible drainage pump with a capacity up to 600 liters/minute. The VR-50 is powered by 230V single phase. No need for Three phase Connections. This, in connection with the fact that both the cleaner and the power control box can be carried by one operator makes the VR-50 suitable for a large number of applications. For applications in aggressive waters the cleaner can be protected by anodizing and epoxy coatings. Typical applications aree small drinking water (potable water) tanks and smaller industrial tanks in various industries. 

    The new Weda VR-50 for smaller reservoirs


    Cleaning of large outdoor reservoirs




    February 22nd, 2016

    Spain has thousands of outdoor reservoirs used for irrigation in fruit plantations. From smaller rectangular concrete tanks to larger reservoirs with liner bottoms and sides.

    Regular cleaning of these reservoirs is important and the water for the plantations is an absolute must to make sure that the plantation has a constant supply of water.

    Draining of these reservoirs is normally not an option so the need for underwater cleaning solutions is high.

    Now there is a solution, even for the largest and dirtiest reservoirs. Limpiabalsas SA out of Huesca in Spain offers a complete range of cleaners for sediment removal in all types of reservoirs, from small to the very large.

    Limpiabalsas has worked several years to develop their range of cleaners. Starting four years ago with the Weda YT-800 they have today also a larger wire pulled cleaner for the largest reservoirs with high level of sedimentation on the bottom.

    Weda also offers automatic solutions for the smaller reservoirs should the clients have interest in purchasing their own units. Development is on the way for automatic solutions also in the largest reservoirs.

    For further information please contact Klas Lange at klas@weda.se

    The new Weda W2000. The most powerful and flexible pool cleaner on the market.




    February 1st, 2016

    Weda cleaners in cooling tower tanks




    September 9th, 2014

    Wedas underwater cleaners are nowadays being used also in cooling tower tanks. It is the remote controlled Weda YT-600 and the CS-600 that are used for removal of sediment from the bottom of the tanks:

      Major benefits are:

          * Cleaning is performed without any need to turn off the cooling Towers…no interuption of the process

        * Initial results have shown an improved cooling effect

          * and less need for Chemicals

        * filters are saved since less sediment circulates

          with the above in mind this is a cost saving investment with a very short pay-off time

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