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New cleaner for Natural Pools and the very Dirty pools




October 3rd, 2018

Wedas latest development

Weda aims to cater to all new demands from pool owners from around the world.

The latest development, the B600 Midgard, is designed to meet the demands from pools with a large amount of debris including assemblies of leaves, deep sediment of sand and mud and even small stones.
Weda B600 Midgard has combined the standard B600 with a nozzle with a built-in brush system and a strong and efficient trash pump.

The nozzle design grants for a pre-cleaning before the B600 whereas all large debris is removed and thereafter the standard cleaning from the B600 takes over.
All cleaning is performed with a discharge hose that pumps all sedimentation to a discharge point outside the pool.

The combined flow and pressure from the trash pump and the standard B600 pump grants for a strong volume and pressure that allows for pumping a great distance from the pool without the need for additional pumps on land.
The B600 Midgard is designed for natural pools with a tough demand for regular (daily) cleaning and often with a large amount of debris and stones collecting on the bottom.
This cleaner lends itself however to all outdoor pools with special demands for cleaning. One example being the spring cleaning prior to opening for the season on some markets

Technical specifications:
B600 standard (see attached brochure)
Nozzle in composite material with built in brush system
Trash pump 1.5 KW 400V, 3 phase 50/60 Hz
Pumping volume Trash pump only500 liters/minute

Total pumping volume B600 Midgard; Approximately 1500 liters/minute