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Cooling Towers and Desalination Plants




May 28th, 2012

New application areas are identifyed frequently for the WEDA range of under water cleaners.

Weda will soon deliver a WEDA YT-600, a smaller version of the YT-800,  which will be used for cleaning of the bottom surfaces in COOLING TOWERS to remove all types of debris. By using the cleaners no divers are required and of course draining is not necessary. The client anticipates great savings also in the use of chemicals if the bottom surface is maintained regularly.

Also in DEASALINATION PLANTS, more specifically in the intake area the Weda YT-600 will be used for removing sand and sludge and pump it back to the sea.

As always one major advantage with the Weda cleaner is that the work can be carried out without any interruption of the processes.

The Weda YT-600 is a radio remote cleaner equipped with a specially designed suction nozzle and a solids handling pump.