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Bio Pools requires the strongest cleaners




June 7th, 2013

Construction of so called Bio Pools is growing rapidly around the world. A Bio Pool uses no chemicals for disinfection and is thereby an excellent solution for users with allergies and of course for any user who for any reason does not agree with the use of chlorine in pools. They are of course also good for the environment in general.

These pools require the highest standards of bottom cleaning and to some extend also wall cleaning on a daily basis.

Up till today Weda has delivered cleaners for Bio pools on several markets and the demand is steadily increasing.

So Why WEDA?

Weda cleaners uses strong submersible pump with high grade steel impellers with outputs up to 70.000 liters/hour. The strong pump makes it possible also to replace the standard filter bags with a hose discharge allowing the user to pump the sediment, algae and whatever else is on the bottom to any selected discharge point. outside the pool.

The high quality drive train allows for several hours of use for many years without disruption.

For this special application the Weda B600 BP has been equipped with:

  • A special algae brush fitted underneath the cleaner to increase the brush action and to reach into cracks and other uneven oparts of the bottom surface
  • A special assembly oif the rotating brushes in both ends which increases the brushes´presuure against the bottom. The rotating brushes has double speed compared with the movement of the cleaner to certify good brushing results.
  • A hose discharge connection kit allowing for quick change from filter bags to hose discharge. Nothing else needs to be done.